ABB develops new microgrid solution for urban and rural consumers

ABB develops new microgrid solution for urban and rural consumers

07/06/2017 14:17

Aligned with the government’s program of 24×7 reliable power for all and focus on renewable energy, ABB has developed scalable, compact and grid-ready solutions that enable solar power and storage.

“ABB is bringing affordable, safe and reliable electricity to remote communities with its new integrated microgrid solution, MGS100 that combines solar power and enables battery energy storage,” said the company in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The MGS100 will be widely available at the end of 2017, it added.

Encased in a single container, the MGS100 has three power ratings –20 kW, 40 kW, 60 kW nominal load power. Installation is quick and easy, as it is factory tested and embedded DC and AC protections make it ready to connect. With the added benefit of remote monitoring, vital diagnostics are always available and maintenance is simple.

This is crucial for countries like India where about 230 million people are yet to have access to electricity according to an International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2015 report. According to a draft government policy on nano and microgrids, the government is looking at 10,000 such installations cumulatively of about 500 MW based on renewable energy with solar, wind to biomass in the next four years.

Commenting on the development, ABB’s President of Electrification Products, Tarak Mehta, said: “ABB uses technology to enable progress and in this case our innovation can help improve the lives of those who need it most. The MGS100 is a plug and play solution that makes access to affordable and reliable power a reality, creating life-changing opportunities, improving basic living standards including education and health as well as unlocking economic development. The modular and standardized solution makes rapid deployment possible even in remote locations.”

Meanwhile, shares of company were trading at Rs 1426.50 apiece, up 0.61 per cent, from previous close on the BSE at 14:35 hours.


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